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      MYRIAD 2017 Video

A bold, Australian creative technology R&D lab developing human centric software interfaces to embedded electronics for high impact social and economic opportunities.

(design + code + circuits + scale)

MYRIAD2017 - Connecting the Dot Connectors

We are the #MAKERSofPlay

We're visually "connecting the dot connectors" in the VIP lounge at MYRIAD 2017. This interactive, people tracking and live projection art installation will mimmick the networking of people happening within the startup innovation and investment community underneath.

We're delighted to work with the MYRIAD team to bring this experience to the Brisbane Powerhouse.

MYRIAD2017 - XANDRA - Sunshine Coast Council - Amazon Alexa

Come chat to the bot

We also teamed up with the talented chatbot company Xandra Labs, to create an Amazon Alexa based conceirge as part of the Sunshine Coast Council's exhibit at MYRIAD 2017.

We will be recording and visually displaying the answer to the question "Which dot connector are you"- helping people to categorise their place within their entrepreneurial community.


Specialist Hardware Design

Specialist Hardware

  • Interactive public lighting installations
  • Custom touch interfaces and panels
  • Machinery control and robotics
  • Interactive playgrounds and arcades
  • Wearables and biosensors
  • Rare and new experimental technologies
  • Embedded electronics and PCB design
Specialist Software Development

Specialist Software

  • Centralised interactive mass lighting control
  • IoT controllers and dashboards
  • Machinery control and automation
  • Computer vision and tracking
  • Rehabilitation and wellness gamification
  • Online and embedded integrations
Community Engagement

Community Engagement

  • Popup retro arcade
  • Mindfulness and meditation neurotech games
  • Collaborative and competitive team building
  • Public and school demonstrations
  • Conference and panel speaking
  • Guest lectures


We offer a full consultancy service to help you through the ideation process

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Mic's Lab is committed to the engagement and encouragement of all ages into novel and creative uses of technology. Through active mentorship, public engagement, speaking, sponsorship and partnerships, Mic's Lab has had the pleasure of inspiring thousands through STEAM education and possible commercial ventures as a creative technologist.

Mic's Lab offers one or two day industry relevant training packages in full-stack JavaScript and embedded C for MAKERs and students.

Mic's Lab is currently developing a pre-accelerator program for inventors / MAKERS considering commercialising on their ideas

This program will prepare inventors and MAKERS alike to evaluate their product market fit, navigate IP challenges such as open source platforms and get ready to be landed in a partner accelerator in Silicon Valley.

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Call: (+61) 7 5353 6565

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